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Why this site?

Hopefully, it will in the end be more than an exercise in eponymous vanity!

As of now, I see it as having these purposes,

  1. To cause me to write down my thoughts on various topics by giving me a place to do so
  2. To give others a a chance to read what I’ve written and, perhaps, to benefit from it
  3. To give me the benefit of sharpening my thoughts through the feedback of others
  4. To provide a place to archive and distribute materials that I’ve used for teaching

It has, in other words, the same purpose as so much of what is on the Internet. Namely, to bring value and benefit to those who choose to participate in the online community. The first three purposes are “bloggish” in that they relate to the timely and open sharing of ideas-in-progress. The fourth purpose is “non-bloggish” in that it relates to the (not necessarily timely) sharing finished material.

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